Random Number Generators in Online Casinos

Random Number Generators in Online Casinos

Random number generators mainly govern online casinos. These random number generators are responsible for providing a fair, mechanical and productive outcome on games like this slot machines, Roulette and other luck-based games.

What exactly is a random number generator?

A random number generator is a program that produces seemingly random results in a given interval of time.

The ones that are used by the online casinos or even the land-based casinos are the pseudo-random numbers generators. These are unique in their functionality, and they also do not need any external data to produce a liable output.

They mainly work on an algorithm that is already fed into the system and seeded with numbers. The algorithms are generally fixed once they are programmed to do a particular task – in this case, to produce random numbers, they cannot be changed.

However, this also means that they are not genuinely random, that is a finite number of algorithms that can be hacked.

Can you cheat an RNG

Can you cheat an RNG?

A common question prevails online gambling sites, can you actually cheat? A land-based casino often has caught hold of cheaters not only in blackjack card counting but even in luck-based games like slots and Roulette. Can the same thing be applied even on online gambling sites?

Although there can be a slight possibility, the answer is a major no.

Most people are incapable of hacking and tracing down the random numbers that are generated by these algorithms. Third-party companies test almost all casino software from reliable sites and reliable online casino game providers. However, some companies also generate a number of generators for their own advantage. For instance, in 2008, a company named BLR Software had rigged all their RNG using games to enhance the house edge.

The use of RNG in online casinos

Like mentioned in the introduction, RNGs are basically used for all the virtual games that do not involve the dealer either online or offline. These games include slots and Roulette. Slots comprise of numbers on the reels-  generally, for a five reel slot machine, there are primarily 12 numbers. If a player has to win a jackpot, then each of the five reels should generate the same number from one to twelve – Which means the algorithm picks up random numbers, and if the random five numbers are identical then the player wins the jackpot.

Steps were taken to ensure the fairness of the RNGs

Steps were taken to ensure the fairness of the RNGs.

All the licensed and credible casinos in the world are generally tried and tested by the third parties. Hence the chances for any dysfunction in the algorithm are minimal. They undergo a process of mathematical evaluation during a game and verifies their payouts. If the algorithm is tested as a fair one, then it means that they’re successful in producing random numbers during gameplay.

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